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The Fully Automated Indonesian Gen Z

It’s the X vs the Y. Traditional vs Digital, Cultural vs Changes, Slow vs Fast and so on. The 70s vs the 80s. We spent the last 5 years educating gen X to live in Gen Y era. But we sometimes forgetting that the Gen Y era is closing and moving to a new era. The Gen Z era. 

A short reminder of who they are.
Gen X is the generation of people who was born 1966-1976 (the 70s). These people are the masters of rule and offline services, consuming traditional Medias and the innovations of them, obey the social community rules and live with less drama. For them Black is black, white is white without any grey color to see. They live their productive life traditionally.
And then came the Gen Y, the generation of people who was born in 1977-1994. My generation. They are the people who felt the changes from traditional to Digital. The generation that found new way to study, to work, to communicate and to live easier. It’s the creative gen with added value of the previous gen X. They are now living in their productive life of 22-33 y.o.
It’s 2015. And we know that there is a new gen evolving. The Gen Z, the guys who were born in 1995-now. Who are now, in the gate of changing great things in 2015. They live in the time that everything is fully automated. Technology is peaking with the offer of high convenience.

Gen Y innovates, Gen Z consumes, Gen X balances it.
The year is 2015, It’s been a while that Indonesia is this exciting. The 2014 dramatic presidential campaign, that separated friends and family, triggered sceptics to be more involve and did more than just “tweeted”. Gen Y fought digitally while the younger gen watched and learned.
Indonesia is the biggest social media country! We know. But now, It’s also having the starting point of digital years. Everything is online! News, Public service, Shopping even to ride an Ojek (motorcycle taxi). People now are carrying less money because of mobile wallet such as CIMB’s Rekening Ponsel and BBM Money with the service of ATM card less withdrawing cash and even payment on offline and online shop.
This is the time of Indonesia’s Digital Innovation. We can say, gen Y is innovating the technology, the Gen Z consumes since they were already born in Digital Era and the Gen X will keep challenging the innovations with their stand-up social values. This is the perfect company, you have Gen Y as the company, Gen X as the commissioners and the right Gen Z target.

The Indonesian Gen Z consumers.
We are living the era of fully convenience services. Everything is automated and we are given with million choices. Brand loyalty is more expensive than before and Gen Z, as the biggest consumers, know of their choices. These guys are the most open minded generation. The perfect consumers for innovation products.
But, is it that perfect? We are facing the generation with high individualism. A full digital generation that starts in young age with a possibility of being too spoiled. Elementary school students with ipads and iphone, give a new challenge to parents. First jobbers are not patient in purchasing their career. Or even worse, they just digitally presence than physically there. Even so, we can agree that the gen Y is a fully automated gen and they still need other gen to balance them.

Rezki Yanuar
A brand and insights enthusiast

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